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Brentano Goes to Boston!

Brentano eighth grade students are the best and brightest! 

Each class is special and unique in their own ways. But every now and then, teachers get a class that exceeds all of their expectations. This year's eighth graders consistently, throughout their years at Brentano, have been the group of students who always put others' needs before their own, tried their hardest in all subjects, and are generally all-around incredible kids. 

Please help send these amazing eighth graders to Boston this spring! On this unforgettable class trip, the students will see a new city and learn about the history that belongs to them. They have studied the American Revolution and the Constitution in-depth. A trip to Boston will make these lessons come to life. This experience will encourage students to take democracy and their civic responsibilities seriously and inspire them to become engaged citizens and leaders. Some highlights of the trip will be a visit to the Harvard campus, a tour of the Freedom Trail, and a trip to the Boston Tea Party Ships.

Unfortunately, most of our students will not be able to afford the cost of this trip, and that is why we need your help. These are some of the most deserving kids the eighth grade teachers have had the pleasure of teaching. Please help us make this dream a reality.  

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